2017 The Year of Manifesting My Purpose

For the past few years, I have selected a “Three Word Mantra” to guide my year.  For 2017 it was “Manifesting My Purpose”.  So today I want to give you a little year-in-review post.

Highlights of My Year of Manifesting My Purpose

    • Started the Manifest Your Purpose Meetup – For the past few years, I have wanted to host a meetup. The first time I tried it didn’t come together as I expected.  This caused me to go into prayer about the group.  God quietly told me it wasn’t my time and I knew he would let me know when it would be the right time.  And He did.  In early March I was in Panera and got the nudge it was time.  That very night I went and set up the group and schedule my first meeting.  The group now meets once a month and it provides an opportunity for members of the group to explore a variety of topics from a Christian perspective.  In 2017 we covered topics such as Awakening Your True Inner Purpose, Anti-vision Board and our upcoming meeting is about Branding.  In 2018, I am looking forward to the group continuing to grow and providing an opportunity for those outside of Connecticut to join in for fellowship.
    • Stepped Away from Blogging and Email Marketing – As you may have noticed my blog has been dormant.  In 2017 I only posted a couple of blog posts and didn’t send out any emails to my list.  In fact, I contacted my list a the beginning of the year and told them I was deleting everyone from it.  This deliberate choice was one I worried about.  As a small business owner, I know it is important to stay in front of your audience.  But now, this choice was the best thing for me and my business.  The time away allowed for me to gain clarity about the content I want to provide.  I also know how I want to use email marketing.   Remember you need to do what’s right for you.  Trust your instinct.
    • Received my Master Life Coach Certification – This has been in the works for the last couple of years.  In 2017 I finished the last courses I needed for certification.  For this certification, I completed courses focused on life coaching, happiness,  life purpose and goal setting.  Getting the certification has been critical in helping me pull all of my experiences together.
    • Fine Tuned My Brand –   This accomplishment feels good.  In 2017 I spent time researching and discovering my brand.  I have identified the elements of my brand that will help me communicate the clients God has for me.  I will be revealing more of my new brand in 2018.  You see the first signs of the brand changes in the header on this site.
    • Developed and Updated My Services  – The power of conversations with God has helped me develop a new program for those people who know God has great plans for them.  They are entrepreneurs but not sure what they should be doing.   The framework provided to me will help you get clarity of your purpose and explore options for businesses that you can consider.  In addition, I have updated my current offerings.  If you want to know more about any of the services I offer feel free to contact me or schedule a Discovery Session with me.

These are just some of the great things that resulted in me setting out at the beginning of the year to Manifest My Purpose.  The journey has been a rewarding one and you will see the fruits of my labor in the months to come.

Is It Time for You To Manifest Your Purpose?

Are you ready to manifest your purpose?  Grab my free Business Assessment.  This 30 question assessment checks your mindset to handle the challenges and joys of being your own boss.  After you complete assessment come back and tell me how it went.

Happy New Year and I pray 2018 is your year to Manifest Your Purpose.

Praying Your Success,



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