Can Hiring A Life Purpose Business Coach Really Make A Difference?

Are you looking to get clear about your life’s purpose?  Want to create a new business or make sure an existing business is connected to your purpose?  If so, the idea of hiring a life purpose business coach may have come to mind. But you may be wondering if a life purpose business coach can really make a difference for you. To answer this question, you need to understand what a life purpose business coach does, and how to choose the right one for you.

Life Purpose Business coaching provides a way to interact with a professional who has your best interests at heart and can help you be more effective building your business and balancing your life and your business. Life Purpose Business coaches are a good mixture of an accountability partner, sounding board, cheerleader and even emotional support. The life purpose business coach specializes in ensuring that all aspects of your life work together with the ultimate focus on ensuring that your business works.

Even the process of hiring a coach can be beneficial to your business. The coach will want to assess where you are right now with your business and find out where you want to go. An effective life purpose business coach will help you determine not just the direction you want your business to go, but will also identify actionable steps to take to achieve the goals you and your coach set.


Checking in with someone else on a regular basis to tell them and show them what you’ve accomplished since the last meeting will give you someone besides yourself to be accountable to. For many people, this helps them act in their own best interests and not put off anything since most people don’t want to disappoint others.

Sounding Board

Talking plans and proposals out with a third party who is also well versed in understanding your God-given purpose will help solidify each plan you make so that you’re not going down the wrong roads to start with.


Running a business is hard and some life purpose business coaches make excellent support systems and cheerleaders. In this way, you not only have a good plan of action to make your dreams come true but also someone to share your success with who has your best interests at heart.

Emotional Support

Many life purpose business coaches understand how home life can affect your business life. They help you keep in mind what’s important to you and determining the best way to balance friends and family while pushing your business forward.

If you need help identifying holes in your business plan, ways to fill the gaps, and how to create an actionable plan to push your business forward, then a life purpose business coach can definitely make a difference. The trick is finding the right business coach for your particular business.

In order to find the right coach for you that fits your business type and personality, ask the right questions of any potential coach. Plus, ask others for referrals before hiring any business coach. Finally, buy some of the coach’s products and services and try working on a short-term project with them first. This can help you ensure that they are the right coach to push your business to the next level.

I offer a variety of opportunities for potential clients to determine if we are a right fit.  You can schedule a free 45-minute Discovery Session,  join my email list and/or look for free mini-workshops I offer to help business owners grow there business.

Remember, the decision to work with a life purpose business coach can make a huge difference in moving your business forward.  Having someone in your corner who is your accountability partner, cheerlead and who has business expertise can make the challenges of entrepreneurship more manageable.

Praying your Sucess,


4 Places Your Brand Identity Should Be Consistent

brand consistencyYour brand identity is the image your company portrays to the world at large, to your customers or clients. When people look at your online presence, they should know what you do and that you bring value to the market. Your brand identity should be appealing to your target market and should be consistent in every printed piece you produce and across every online platform.

Consistency is important because it brings name recognition. If people see your logo and/or your brand colors online, they will recognize your snail mail brochure when it arrives, and vice versa. When people recognize your identity, your name is always brought to mind, which is helpful when they receive your email or see your social media posts.

Let’s examine the four most important places to perfect your brand identity:

Your Website

Very often your company website is the first element a potential client will see and most people will make a 10-second decision whether or not to explore further than the home page. Needless to say, your identity should be strongly represented on that home page so your potential clients will explore further or contact you.

On your website brand colors, fonts, and your logo are vitally important and should reflect your brand identity. If your message is sobering and you handle tough problems, using whimsical fonts and cutesy graphics doesn’t meld with the serious issues your company handles. The opposite is also true; if your identity and mission are more light-hearted, using deep, dark colors and traditional fonts might turn people away after they make a quick judgment call.

Your Social Media Platforms

Not everyone in your target audience will use the same social media platform and those reasons vary widely, so it behooves you to post across multiple platforms to reach more of your audience. However, if your name, colors, and logo are different on all these platforms when someone jumps from Facebook to Twitter, they may not think yours is the same company because the profiles look different. Or if they receive a piece of mail that looks different than the social media profile, they may also be suspect. Consistency brings recognition and also helps to build trust between you and your clients.

All Company Communications

Letterhead, invoices, printed marketing pieces; these should all have the same colors, fonts, and logo as your website and your social media platforms. Just one more way to show your professionalism and attention to detail and your clients will certainly notice.

Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still one of the best ways to keep in touch with clients and to keep your company name in their memory. The key is to be relevant with your messages and offer valuable and engaging content. On top of these, create a template that incorporates your brand colors, fonts, and logo. Don’t miss a chance to build that trust between you and your audience.

Being consistent with these four areas can go far in your branding.  Be sure to check your sources and see if you are presenting a consistent image to your clients.  This does take time to implement if you have been in business for a while and didn’t take the time in the beginning.  The time spent to implement brand consistency and figuring out where to rebrand will go far in the growth of your business.

Praying your sucess,


Want to Do Your Own Company Branding? Understand the Color Wheel First

Company branding is so much more than your colors and your logo but choosing colors to represent you and your company’s image is usually where more people start in the branding process. There’s no shame in choosing your own brand colors instead of hiring a designer but it’s not exactly simple. Let’s dive into an explanation of the color wheel and how it can help narrow down your color choices.

The Color Wheel

A color wheel consists of colors with the following distinctions: primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, and analogous.

  • Primary colors are those which cannot be achieved by mixing other colors together. Red, blue, and yellow are primary colors.
  • Secondary colors are those which can be made by mixing two primary colors. Orange, green, and purple are secondary colors.
  • Tertiary colors are created by mixing primary and secondary hues together
  • Complementary colors are located at direct opposite ends of the color wheel and
  • Analogous colors appear close together on a color wheel

How to Use the Color Wheel

How does this help you? Find a color wheel online and take a look. You probably have an idea already of at least one color to use in your branding efforts, so find that color/hue on the wheel. Now, look at the four colors next to it. Those are analogous colors that will look appealing when used together. Or find your first color and look at the color directly opposite. Those are complementary colors which will also be appealing together.

Once you make a decision on colors, the online color wheels will show you the HEX and RGB codes for each color. Write those down in a safe place so you use those colors consistently with your website, social media pages, and products without having to look them up numerous times.

As the famous artist, Marc Chagall once said, “All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites,” and this is certainly obvious when looking at the color wheel itself. Choosing complimentary or analogous colors in a family that represents you and the image you want to portray is the first step toward branding your company.

Want to Learn More About the Psychology of Color? Join My Meetup

Did you know that different colors evoke different emotions? Did you know there are warm and cool colors? In my free mini-workshop, “Build a Beautiful Brand,” we delve a little deeper into the psychology of color and what exactly the terms “warm” and “cool” mean when speaking about colors. I’ll also show some examples of well-branded websites and share my favorite free color wheel tools! Register here.

Unable to join me…don’t fret drop me an email or comment below to let me know you are interested in a virtual meetup.  If I get enough interest I will explore the possibility of adding it as an option.

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Let’s Meetup! Join me and Manifest Your Purpose

Are you in Connecticut and ready to manifest your purpose?  Free the first Saturday of each month?  If you answered yes to both these questions join me for the Manifest Your Purpose Meetup.  I started this meetup in February 2017 after God confirmed I was ready.  We are a growing group and have focused on several key areas to help you live your God-Given Purpose.  In the first quarter of 2018, I will be presenting mini-workshops to help you build your Kingdom-focused business.

January 6, 2018 – Build A Beautiful Brand

Your business/personal brand can be a key element in helping the world recognize you and your business. In this mini-workshop, I will discuss 5 free tools to help you build your brand.  This workshop originally scheduled for December but was rescheduled.  The extra time has resulted in me adding some bonus resources.  You can RSVP here.  In addition, I have three blog articles that will post over the next three days to help you build a beautiful brand even if you can attend the free mini-workshop.  Tomorrow’s topic will focus on select colors for your brand.


February 3, 2018 – Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts

Back in November, I wanted to pull together a Gratitude Challenge to Kick-off 2018.  I was working on pulling together my workbook and emails and kept hitting a wall.  God kept taking me back to Spiritual Gifts. This topic was originally put on my heart back in 2015 but I never did anything with it.  This time around I decided it was time to take action.  I am in the process of developing a module focused on spiritual gifts for a bigger program (more to come later).  For this meetup, I will provide a general overview of spiritual gifts and how they can be utilized in your business.

March 3, 2018 – Take Control of Your Cash Flow

For this meetup, we will focus on planning for your cash flow.   Do you have a “seat of your pants” business plan s?  Unfortunately, that type of business plan won’t help to grow your income, so let’s get planning and make your next 12 months as easy (and profitable) as possible!  You will leave with tools to create a 12 Month  Marketing and Profit Plan,  a 6 Week Action Plan and tips to keep the momentum going for the remainder of 2018.

I hope you will join us if you are in Connecticut.  The Manifest Your Purpose Meetup is free but space is limited so make sure you RSVP as soon as possible.

Praying Your Success,


P.S.  If you are interested in any of these topics and unable to attend please let me know.  If there is enough interest I will consider adding a virtual meetup as well.  Leave a comment below to let me know.   

2017 The Year of Manifesting My Purpose

For the past few years, I have selected a “Three Word Mantra” to guide my year.  For 2017 it was “Manifesting My Purpose”.  So today I want to give you a little year-in-review post.

Highlights of My Year of Manifesting My Purpose

    • Started the Manifest Your Purpose Meetup – For the past few years, I have wanted to host a meetup. The first time I tried it didn’t come together as I expected.  This caused me to go into prayer about the group.  God quietly told me it wasn’t my time and I knew he would let me know when it would be the right time.  And He did.  In early March I was in Panera and got the nudge it was time.  That very night I went and set up the group and schedule my first meeting.  The group now meets once a month and it provides an opportunity for members of the group to explore a variety of topics from a Christian perspective.  In 2017 we covered topics such as Awakening Your True Inner Purpose, Anti-vision Board and our upcoming meeting is about Branding.  In 2018, I am looking forward to the group continuing to grow and providing an opportunity for those outside of Connecticut to join in for fellowship.
    • Stepped Away from Blogging and Email Marketing – As you may have noticed my blog has been dormant.  In 2017 I only posted a couple of blog posts and didn’t send out any emails to my list.  In fact, I contacted my list a the beginning of the year and told them I was deleting everyone from it.  This deliberate choice was one I worried about.  As a small business owner, I know it is important to stay in front of your audience.  But now, this choice was the best thing for me and my business.  The time away allowed for me to gain clarity about the content I want to provide.  I also know how I want to use email marketing.   Remember you need to do what’s right for you.  Trust your instinct.
    • Received my Master Life Coach Certification – This has been in the works for the last couple of years.  In 2017 I finished the last courses I needed for certification.  For this certification, I completed courses focused on life coaching, happiness,  life purpose and goal setting.  Getting the certification has been critical in helping me pull all of my experiences together.
    • Fine Tuned My Brand –   This accomplishment feels good.  In 2017 I spent time researching and discovering my brand.  I have identified the elements of my brand that will help me communicate the clients God has for me.  I will be revealing more of my new brand in 2018.  You see the first signs of the brand changes in the header on this site.
    • Developed and Updated My Services  – The power of conversations with God has helped me develop a new program for those people who know God has great plans for them.  They are entrepreneurs but not sure what they should be doing.   The framework provided to me will help you get clarity of your purpose and explore options for businesses that you can consider.  In addition, I have updated my current offerings.  If you want to know more about any of the services I offer feel free to contact me or schedule a Discovery Session with me.

These are just some of the great things that resulted in me setting out at the beginning of the year to Manifest My Purpose.  The journey has been a rewarding one and you will see the fruits of my labor in the months to come.

Is It Time for You To Manifest Your Purpose?

Are you ready to manifest your purpose?  Grab my free Business Assessment.  This 30 question assessment checks your mindset to handle the challenges and joys of being your own boss.  After you complete assessment come back and tell me how it went.

Happy New Year and I pray 2018 is your year to Manifest Your Purpose.

Praying Your Success,