Stop Over Complicating Things In Your Business

Are you like most Entrepreneurs who over complicate things in your business?  Instead of taking imperfect action you wait for perfection.  This has been me when creating videos for my business.  I have come up with every excuse in the book not to take action.  Oh I am not a good video editor, I don’t want to be on camera, I don’t have this piece of equipment or software…excuse after excuse.  Then one day I was preparing this  blog post about ways to stop over complicating this in your business.  This post is to urge my clients and tribe to take imperfect action in their business.  Well, to encourage you to take imperfect action, I dusted off the video software and created the video below to highlight the following four tips for the blog post.

Your Four Steps

In no way this video perfect but I took action and got it done. So as you look to take imperfect action and stop over complicating this in your business remember to:

  1. Define the Tasks – Be clear about the tasks that you to complete and the results you expect up front.
  2. Focus on Deliverables – Instead of worrying about the process and how someone does something, create checklists based off deliverables for every project that you’re involved in so that you can get the tasks done.
  3. Set Milestones and Deadlines – Set milestones and deadlines based on the expectations of what you want to do.
  4. Let Go of Perfection – This is the hardest tip to carry out.  When you are operating a business based on your purpose and passion you want everything to be perfect before you show the world.  But let go of perfection and remember you can edit, update and change at anytime.  We are not perfect humans and imperfect actions is better than no action….

Bonus Tips:

Here are a few bonus tips to also help you get away from over complicating things.

Use a Project Management System – There are many project management systems such as, and others. It’s imperative that you use a project management system  to keep track of the things that are to be done each day, week and month.  I use for my bigger projects.

Acknowledge Your Progress – By acknowledging your process you will make feel better  about your accomplishments and stay motivated to complete a bigger project.

Ask for Help – No matter how much you want to you can’t do everything.   No successful business owner can.  Know when you need to ask and seek the help you need.

Between writing this blog post and completing the tool inventory I mentioned in  A Challenge For You – Use What the Tools You Got I have become more comfortable with taking imperfect action in my business.  But what’s more important is what will help you take action in your business.  Comment below to let me know what imperfect action you will take today.

Praying Your Success,



A Challenge For You – Use The Tools You Got

Today I have a challenge for you! Use the tools you have….

Recently,  I stopped and took my annual stock in the tools, programs and services I have purchased for my business.  I used the tool inventory worksheet I created about a year ago to keep track of every course, software, program and service I purchased or downloaded free for my business.  As always this review was an eye-opener. The review identified several items I am not utilizing and my return on investment (ROI) was minimal compared to what it could be for my business.

Those tools include:

  • Landing Page Software
  • Webinar Software
  • Social Media Scheduling Software
  • Video Creation Software

It’s interesting because these are items I know will help carry out the vision God has given me.  But I am still procrastinating on taking action and utilizing them.  Now that I have the awareness of what I haven’t  been doing I have committed myself to utilizing the social media scheduling software and video creation software more over the next three months.  The trick in this commitment is utilizing them effectively.  In order to ensure I am utilizing as intended in my business, I am utilizing a technique I use with some clients when they need to switch things up (do something different).

Create A Focused Plan

I call it FOCUSED PLANNING.  In a nutshell focused planning is about highlighting the area you want to on and doing something every day to making it happen (If you would like more information about focused planning contact me or leave a comment below).   This will help me develop the habit of utilizing the tools and moving along in implementing God’s vision.

FOCUSED PLANNING has helped me repurpose a piece of content I had written into a video using a piece of software I picked up last year.   Check out Power of A Journal.  Over the next three months I will be creating other videos and using my social media planning software to post to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Be sure to follow me so you don’t miss out.

Take Action

Since FOCUSED PLANNING moves you to take action, I challenge you to use what you got!  Start with these three steps.

  1.  Take Inventory of What You Got – It is difficult to use what you have if you don’t know what you have.  So make a list of the tools, programs and web-based services, free downloads you have for your business. Include information about what the tool does, the initial cost, reoccurring cost and how you can use it.  Include tools you have free versions of as well. Download a free copy of the Tool Inventory Worksheet I used to take inventory of what I have.
  2. Are there reoccurring fees?  If so are you going to use the tool within the next three months?  If not consider cancelling or downgrading your service until you are ready to use it.
  3. How can you integrate the tool, program or service into your business today?  In order to use what you got you have to know how you are going to use it.  Choose two or three items you haven’t been using which will help your business vision.  Commit to using them for the next three months.  Create a plan and use it.

Then come back and leave a comment below to let me know how it went.

Praying Your Success,