2018 Three Word Mantra – Live In Balance

Back in 2015, I started creating a three-word mantra to guide me through the year. This mantra is written down and placed somewhere I can see it.  Yesterday’s post provided a recap of my 2017 mantra “Manifesting My Purpose”.  So today I want to tell you a little about my 2018 Mantra – Live In Balance and why I choose these three words.  While 2017 was a year of many accomplishments I noticed I wasn’t living a balanced life.   I didn’t take time off like I wanted to,  spend time with friends and family like I should have or even just have some much needed Kim time.  Realizing this was happening and my body wasn’t happy (started to get migraines and my sleep was out of whack)  I went to God in prayer and asked what do I need to change.  He whispered three simple words to me “Live In Balance”.   Three simple words but if done they will be powerful.

3-Word MantraLive In Balance

So in 2018, I plan to Live in Balance.  What does this mean?  I am still working it all out but I do have some of it figured out.  It means I will work on my Spiritual Being, Physical Being and Mental Being.  So far I have:

Spiritual Being  

In the month of January I am going to participate in a few challenges I found online.  One is a 31 day Prayer Challenge and the other is a Scripture Writing Challenge.  I am not sure how well they will work for me because of the structure the challenge is presented but I figure I can give them a try and adapt as needed.

Physical Being

AHHH my trainer is happy about this one.  He has already designed and provided me with my new workout plan.  I am also looking at challenging myself to do something out of my comfort zone don’t know what yet but I will keep my eyes open.

Mental Being

This I did start to work on last year by reading more books.  I set out to read at least one book a month and while it didn’t happen I did read 12 books in 2017.  In 2018 my goal is to complete at least 2 books a month.  I have been gathering my list and setting aside time each day before bed to read for at least 15 minutes.  In addition, I am increasing my Podcast listening time.  I enjoy listening to a handful of podcasts and have been exploring some new one to add.  If you have a favorite let me know and I will check it out.

While these are areas I plan to focus on to start I am also committing to taking time off at least every three months to travel.  This may be overnight trips or day trips but they will be a priority.  This will count towards that me-time I felt missing in 2017.  By focusing on my three-words “LIVE IN BALANCE” I know on December 31, 2018,  my life will be in a different place.  I am actually just got an idea of writing a letter to myself that I will read on New Years Eve 2018 (oh I really like that).

What’s Your 2018 Three-Word Mantra?

If you had to choose a 2018 Three-Word Mantra what would it be?  Drop me a comment below with your three words.

Praying Your Success,