3 Ways to Discover Your God-Given Life Purpose

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to discovering your God-given life purpose. Unfortunately, the process of finding it isn’t easy and nobody else can find it for you. Since your life purpose is unique from anyone else’s, it’s a mission that you – and only you – can complete.  But don’t fret there are ways to make the journey a little easier.

Here are three  ways you can discover your God-given life purpose:

Write about how you feel


Try journaling with a pen and paper, or grab your laptop and just start writing. Write about how you truly feel and what you want out of life. Remember that no one is going to read this other than you, so don’t be afraid to express your thoughts.  Go back and reread your entries every so often. Many times this process can bring you new realizations that you didn’t think of when you were writing it in the first place.


Pursue your passions

If you’re passionate about a certain subject, maybe you can make a career or hobby out of it so that you can engage in activities that are personally meaningful to you. This way, each day of your life will feel like it matters and you will have a life purpose.


What better way to find your God-given purpose than to talk with the Father.  Ask that he reveals His purpose in your life.  Humble yourself and open yourself to hear his voice.

Bonus Tip

Another way to help you discover your God-given purpose is to explore your Spiritual Gifts.  What gifts have God blessed you with?  You can do this by reading the sections of the bible talking about Spiritual books, one of the many books out there about spiritual gifts and/or taking spiritual gift assessments.  For those of you interested in taking action today.  Here is a link to a free online Spiritual Gifts Test.  You can also sign up for my Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts email series.

Remember in your quest for purpose, concentrate on enjoying the journey itself.   Sometimes when you stop stressing about your life’s purpose, it falls into your lap!  By using these strategies on your journey you’ll realize that you’ve found the one feature of your life that makes everything worthwhile.

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